News from Time4Research

Lots of exciting news from the research network!

Meeting in 2013

Our membership is steadily growing and it is time to meet again to discuss current research, build collaborative relationships and develop a research agenda. The network is waiting on the outcome of an ESRC Seminar Series bid which seeks to bring together the expanded network later this year. If the bid is successful, there will be a series of 6 events to develop the network. If the bid is unsuccessful, we will still meet but instead plan a Time Bank Research Network mini-conference at the end of 2013. Watch this space!


The 2cnd International Conference on Complementary Currency systems is taking place in the Hague in June 19-23. There is a very exciting program of academics from all  over the world. Registration costs 200 Euros and more details can be found here 

Lee Gregory is presenting a paper ‘Co-option, Resilience or Resistance? Lessons for Community Currency Systems from the UK development of Time Banking’ and Ruth Naughton-Doe is presenting  ‘Time to get realistic: unmasking the myths to reveal the reality of time banking practice in England’.

New research papers

Emma McGuirk from the University of Otago, New Zealand has had a paper published in the Journal of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies. The title is Studying Time Banking: Exploring Participatory Action Research in Aotearoa New Zealand. The paper discusses appropriate methods for researching time banks and is  available here.

World Universities Network funds international comparative work

Ruth Naughton-Doe from the University of Bristol was awarded 3 months funding from the World Universities Network to explore time banking in New Zealand. Ruth is currently in the final year of her PhD which is evaluating time banking in the UK. The aim of the award is to explore similarities and differences between time banks in the UK and New Zealand, and to explore how national context interacts with the time banking concept to produce varieties of practice. Ruth has also been meeting with New Zealand time bank research network members Emma McGuirk and Lucie Ozanne to expand time bank research network links internationally.


If you have any other items of news, please do get in touch with Ruth Naughton-Doe at


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