Launch Event

Time banking is a tool where participants are paid in time for the reciprocal exchange of skills and services in both community and institutional settings. It is a mechanism which is perceived to generate other impacts such as reducing social exclusion, generating social capital and facilitating co-production. The idea has attracted significant attention from both New Labour and the Conservative Government in the context of increasing policy interest in decentralisation, active citizenship and the third sector/communityled provision of services. This interest has strengthened with the advent of the ‘Big Society’ agenda, and several time banking projects have recently been awarded substantial funding packages.

The time bank research network was established to bring together the increasing number of academics who are currently researching, or interested in researching, time banks. Organised by two PhD students who are both members of the SPA – Ruth Naughton-Doe from the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol and Lee Gregory from Cardiff University – the launch event sought to act as a platform for the promotion and development of this new research network: Time4Research.

Full SPA Policy World report (page 20 – 21) can be viewed at

A flyer for the launch event of the network can be found here

Time for Research Event Program

10.15              Arrivals and Refreshments

10.30               Welcome by Lee Gregory, University of Cardiff, and Introductions

10.45               An overview of current time banking research by Ruth Naughton-Doe, University of Bristol

11.00              Presentation from Noel Longhurst, University of East Anglia

11.15               Refreshments

11.30               Discussion: Time Banking Research

12.45               Discussion: Future of the Time for Research Network

13.15               Lunch and networking

14.00               Goodbyes

The event is free and refreshments and lunch will be provided. There are also travel bursaries available for PhD students on a first come first served basis.

To book a place, or for more information, please e-mail


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