Angela Blair and Dan Grainger – members of Time 2 Trade Sandwell PCT interested in public health.

Marcello Bertotti  – University of East London, interested in researching the impact of time banking on health and mental health

Tony Budak – CEO and Lead Facilitator at

Ed Collom– University of Southern Maine, USA.  Expertise includes analysing transaction data and has published widely on time banking in the USA.

Lee Gregory – Lecturer in Social Policy, School of Social Policy, University of Birmingham. PhD research into time banking and its potential use as a means of achieving co-production in health care delivery.

Emma McGuirk – PhD candidate at the University of Otago, New Zealand exploring the development of time banking in the North Island of New Zealand.

Noel Longhurst – from the University of East Anglia, researching time banks as part of wider project looking at community currency diffusion.

Iikka Lovio – Kommon is non-profit think-and-do-tank in Finland. We do our own research and promote different co-production initiatives for public and third sector agencies. Time banks are a central tool in our work and research.

Time Bank Member Profile I Sotiropoulou– has carried out research into time banking and operates a postdoc research blog

Rachel Manning – Angila Ruskin University, research interests in the application of social psychological approaches to volunteering.

Ruth Naughton-Doe – PhD candidate at University of Bristol, School of Policy Studies. Her PhD is evaluating time banking in the UK using participatory methods with nine case studies in England and Wales.

Julia Panther – PhD candidate at Durham University using social network analysis to look at reciprocity- community currency systems.

Michael Sanders – University of Bristol, CASE Studentship at the Centre for Market and Public Organisation, his broader interest in philanthropy and community initiatives within economics.

Gill Seyfang – University of East Anglia, editor of IJCCR and conducted UK evaluation of time banking (2001-2).

Ewen Speed – University of Essex exploring the connections between time banking and co-production.

Neil Shashoua – Trapeze Consulting has conducted research into Age UK Gateshead Timebank.

Keith Sumner – Brunel University, carrying out action research setting up a time bank in health and social care.

Patrick Tobi – University of East London, interested in researching time banking and health.

Kirsten van Reisen – London School of Economics researching time banking in relation to health and community development

Susan Steed – Researcher at NEF and PhD student at Bristol University

Andrew Wallace – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, exploring the relationship between community ‘well-being’ and health and the contribution of time banking to wellness

Jonathon Warner – Quest University, Canada, Professor and Tutor of Economics, interested in the use of community currencies, and other forms of monetary substitutes

Betsy Wallace – Co-founder and member coordinator of Time4Time Community Exchange in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Juliette Wilson – PhD candidate, University of Salford


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