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  1. I propose starting DIY projects as a industrial economic self reliant tasks. I have quite as few interests that each group of people can contribute to. A few of them are building a small motorcycle, plane, paraglider, sculpting, artwork, learning how to fix electrical appliances, knitting, sewing, motor boats, small cruise ship, tattoo machine, making paper money/gold coins as a art form, cooking different cultural dishes, creating a small airport, buying land, building a small house or canal boat, and creating a small garden of plants and herbal plants etc. That way each individual can choose to pick a skill and use it to further their educational abilities with that particular trade. Their will be a micro loan taken out or donations set aside for these projects to be funded. A music class will be open to anyone who shows a interest in the classical arts. Its never to late for the older and younger generation to learn. Its all up to the individual and how they choose to use their time freely. Every professional person can participate in different areas that interest them.

    • Hi Julius,

      This seems like a very interesting project. It would be great to hear more about the project and how it is developing.



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